The Freedom Era: A new paradigm of business

Coral Lee
8 min readJun 16, 2020


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I remember my college counselor once taking a piece of paper and drawing a timeline for me illustrating how many years of our lives are our “college years” and how many years are our “career years”.

He told me,

“Be deliberate about what career you invest time and money in, even if you have to take extra years to figure it out. Just make sure you are fulfilled by your career years, because that is your life.”

His illustration looked a little bit like this.

The moral? A few extra years of learning — in the short term — creates space for a fulfilling life in the long run.

I couldn’t bear the idea of suffocating in an unhappy job for that huge chunk of my life.

I also didn’t want to spend my career years waiting on retirement to truly live.

I took this to heart after college as well. I had majored in Applied Mathematics, but the career options I saw in front of me were not something that lit me up in the slightest.

Call me cocky, but I knew that I could literally have any job/career that I wanted if I truly put my mind to it.

I had the brains, the looks (yes, sometimes that does matter), the tenacity, the drive, the patience and the manifesting skills.

I had my first-born at this point, and I knew that I wanted her to grow up seeing me activated in my work, not doing a job just for the money.


But instead, I was waitressing full time.

I was waitressing, not because I couldn’t find anything else, but because it paid more per hour than anything available in my college career, and I could still be home with my daughter most days.

My ex, who is an incredibly talented Chef and has endless passion and conviction for his career, would razz me about wasting my potential as a server when I was so smart, driven and talented and was not fulfilled by my job choices.

I told him, I just hadn’t found the right career for me yet. I would know when I had.

I was in search for a career where I could:

  • Create my own schedule.
  • Create a positive, global impact in the world.
  • Enjoy who I relate to within my workspace
  • Work part-time while my kids were little
  • Ignite fluidity, creativity and challenge
  • Feel genuinely inspired in my work activities
  • Have incentives, structures that ignite my competitive edge
  • Receive mentorship
  • Connect with like-minded community
  • Have clarity around what to be spending my time on
  • No sugar coating here— I’ve always desired to make A LOT of money
  • The ability to create legacy income for my children.
  • Work for myself

I honestly didn’t think a career that actually ticked off all of these boxes could even exist, but I still held the vision.

At this point in my life, I had started to learn about the law of attraction, I had started meditating, become a yoga teacher, started a Mom’s Fitness Group, but still most of my income came from waitressing.

My first business, Mountain Mamas

We were in a pile of credit card debt, rent we couldn’t afford, living less than paycheck to paycheck, and now had 2 kids.

My relationship with money would have been described as clingy, co-dependent and dysfunctional.

I truly didn’t understand how much my mindset perpetuated my reality or how to see my circumstances differently.

But still, I wouldn’t sacrifice a cushy, safe job for putting my kids in daycare full time while I worked a job that had me gazing longingly at the clock.

I knew that money…

…money we could make back.

But time…that we would never get back.

Adelyn & her new baby brother Paxton

This was about 5 years ago, and this is also when I started seeing online personal brands and online businesses begin to flourish.

I decided to jump into building my own online business.

I hired a coach, joined a group coaching program, invested in all the platform and backend tools I needed…and launched.

My first offers online were Sugar Detox Bootcamps, Gut health resets and 1–1 health coaching.

I gained traction quickly, filled my group coaching programs, had regular clients, built my email list and a following on social media.

But I was still waitressing.

My costs of running my business successfully were higher than my income, consistently.

Instead of gaining time with my kids, I was losing time by still working in the restaurant industry and squeezing in time late at nights, early mornings and in between double shifts.

In short, I was a burnt-out AF mom-zombie running on caffeine and a vision.

This was all before I knew of the existence of a new era of business, The Freedom Era.

So often, we see awful, manipulative, dog-eat-dog mentality wrapped around business.

We see people shrug off these icky practices, saying “That’s just business”….

I beg to differ.

That’s a low vibration paradigm of business that we have seen in our corporate world.

But there’s a new paradigm of business available to us.

Where business is

In full integrity

In full transparency

In full communication

Un-biased — equal opportunity to everyone


Full of love

Full of people not afraid to show vulnerability

Rooted in personal development

Just at the point that I was drowning in burnout from my previous online business model, I found The Freedom Era — an online business platform consisting of

a high vibe community,

a personal development mecca,

a leading personal branding/digital marketing education system,

a partnership with a highly converting quality health product that will drastically alter your entire family’s ability to detox and hydrate properly,

an independent franchise model where we benefit from our teams’ success, but are never dependent on it,

integral leadership,

built-in mentorship,

first 30 days checklist & weekly modules

weekly live trainings from 7 & 8 figure earners,

and 90 Day Masterminds.

And everything changed for me.

Just some of the courses available in The Freedom Era

I feel like pinching myself when I say this, but I have actually found a sustainable, long term career with support of The Freedom Era that checks off every single box in my dream career.




I have found a family within this community, I have attracted in my soul tribe, people who share my values, dreams and hope for the future.

At The Freedom Era, they illustrated the 7 Pillars that are necessary to run a successful, profitable & sustainable online business. If even just one of these pillars is lacking, it can make it extremely difficult to reach the level of success online that many are reaching for. Here’s a diagram of the pillars.

The Freedom Era’s 7 Pillars to Success

I agree with this philosophy as I reflect back to what pieces were missing when I was a solopreneur running my online health coaching business. Previously, I was lacking in the areas of community, inner work, mentorship & automation. No wonder I was burnt out!

Because of The Freedom Era

Last fall, I left my last waitressing job. For good.

I fully supported my family financially through the COVID shutdown.

I match my husband’s full time salary, working a few hours a day from home.

I have world-wide community that I have travelled to Australia twice to see.

Out to dinner with some of our world-wide community

I have a recession-proof career.

I create my own schedule and have full time freedom.

I know exactly how I’m creating a legacy income that will set my kids up with financial success.

My entire life is laced in gratitude and acceptance.

I have a much higher awareness of myself, my thoughts and belief structures.

I have grown on a personal development basis quicker and deeper than I ever could have alone (this one’s been very confronting at times!)

My relationship with money can now be described as trusting, supportive, and in flow.

I look at life differently. In a very good way.

If I want to take time off, I take time off. If I want to hustle, I hustle.

I have become a strong leader and lead a large team of sovereign, like-minded entrepreneurs.

I surround myself with meaningful conversations.

Our group picture from Freedom Fest, a Freedom Era event that I’ve traveled to Australia for

The trajectory of my life looks far brighter and more exciting than I ever could have imagined, back when I was searching for my “dream career”.

So what exactly is my career now, you may ask??

I help ordinary humans create extra-ordinary personal brands online, and using the education and support of The Freedom Era, we establish how to utilize the power of affiliating with high converting, high commission products to provide an aligned financial backbone to our businesses. We are in the booming industry of digital marketing/authentic personal branding.

This career is not for the lazy. It’s not for the unmotivated. It is 100% driven by YOUR vision, YOUR tenacity, YOUR ability to learn new skills, YOUR openness to dismantle everything in your life that has not served you up to this point, in order to build greatness.

But, if you’re anything like me, and desire a career that’s quite different than the status quo, I would highly recommend The Freedom Era.

Curious to learn more and see if what The Freedom Era offers and whether it may be in alignment with your dreams?

Set aside 60 minutes of your life and give this webinar your full attention. The worst that will happen? You won’t be interested anymore. The best that could happen? It could change your outlook, mindset and clarity in life like it has for me.

— Coral Lee



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